1. I certainly want to believe in God, eternal life and meaning – so, I can’t really trust my own opinions regarding such thingsBut then, I happen to be a compulsive thinker — and so far, suspect that our easy dismissal of such things is short-sighted…

  2. For instance, have we really examined the evidence and logic of our easy, analytic conclusion that we each have but one finite life?
  3. This one life is certainly all that most of us remember – and, it’s easy to suspect that those who claim otherwise are just kooks
  4. But diving just beneath the surface of everyday thought exposes a lot of mitigating considerations
  5. First, keep in mind that the “life” to which we’re alludinot your physical lifeWe’re not alluding to your body — or even, your brain
  6. We’re alluding to what might best be called your “personal consciousness” – Which seems to be produced by your brain, but is itself not something we’d normally call “physical”
  7. Scientifically speaking, we might call “consciousness” a non-physicalemergent property
  8. Anyway, your personal consciousness is what those who believe in reincarnation, think keeps coming back
  9. That’s the “you” I’ll be talking about
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