The Basic Idea

  1. Given the current “rational” model of human mortality – its core being that we each have but one, finite, life to live — your current existence is so unlikely as to be virtually impossible.  (See below.)
  2. The fact that you DO currently exist has mathematical implications CONTRARY to that current model.
  3.  In fact, your current existence is SO unlikely — given this current model – that this current model MUST be WRONG.
  4. And if it’s wrong, YOU must be either eternal or multiple…

  5. Just a taste of why your current existence is so unlikely given the current rational model (take your time): apparently,
    1. You (your personal consciousness) would not be here if your parents had never met.
    2. The same is true if either set of your grandparents had never met.
    3. Etc., etc., etc.
    4. And then, not only does your current, personal, existence depend upon each of these specific meetings — back to the beginning of sexual reproduction on this planet — but each meeting had to ultimately involve fornication, as well as the meeting of the appropriate sperm cell and appropriate ovum, and also, everything that led up to sexual reproduction in life forms in the first place, not to mention everything that led up to life itself on this planet.
    5. Like, for instance, the big bang.
    6. And what’s more, your dad probably created a sextillion sperm cells in his lifetime – and, you are the combination of one, specific sperm cell from your dad, and one specific ovum from your mom.
    7. Between just the two of them, your Mom and Dad had hundreds of sextillions of different potential children (selves) that were never born!
    8. (And, your dad’s dad – and, your mom’s dad — probably had just as many sperm cells as did your dad…)
    9. Anyway, any other combination from you mom and dad would be your brother or sister.
    10. And then, what about all those potential kids your dad and Cleopatra could have had, had they met?
    11. And, what about all the potential kids and grandkids (etc.) of the potential kids of your Dad and Cleopatra???
    12. And scientifically speaking, this is just the tip — of the tip — of the iceberg in regard to the number of specific events that had to occur in order for you to currently exist.
    13. And, if we can count the potential kids of potential kids, of potential grandkids, etc., our iceberg reaches down to infinity…
    14. In other words, either, you are UNIMAGINABLY lucky, or the current rational model of human mortality is wrong.
    15. In still other words, the current rational model of human mortality must be wrong, and you must be either eternal or multiple.
    16. Or … time just isn’t what we’ve been assuming that it is — and you just never had anything to worry about regarding it…

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