1. This is a living book
  2. It is currently being written — and re-written
  3. The basic claim here is that there really is reason to believe in God, immortality and ultimate meaning
  4. Not that it is necessarily true that there is a God, or that we are immortal, or that life is ultimately meaningful — but there IS significant reason to believe that such claims are true…
  5. These are not just wishful thinkings
  6. So anyway, you have happened upon a miracle
  7. I have noticed something really important about life that no one else seems to have noticed
  8. And, I’m going to tell you about it!
  9. So don’t go away — it can change your life
  10. It has to do with statistics — of all things — so i haven’t been eager to present my findings otherwise
  11. But now, I’m getting old…
  12. I will be talking about you — the mental you, not the physical you
  13. I’ll be talking about your “personal consciousness,” your “self”
  14. Not to say that reincarnationists are necessarily correct, but the “you” I’ll be addressing is the you that reincarnationists think keeps returning
  15. The thing is — if science is right, and your personal consciousness has only one finite life to live, the likelihood of you ever existing was actually (essentially) zero
  16. (I’ll explain below)
  17. In other words, that you would ever exist is — itself — something of a miracle
  18. (Nowhere does science ever say that you ever had to exist…)
  19. Bet you never noticed
  20. And that you exist right now is an even bigger miracle
  21. (I’ll explain that further below)
  22. Hang in there
  23. These apparent facts make up strong evidence that science is wrong about each of us having only one finite life
  24. Something called “Bayesian Statistics” appears to “formalize” that conclusion
  25. (I’ll explain later)

This is a ‘living book’ — you can watch me write it

Unfortunately, I’ve changed my mind about the overall content…Life has its problems – some of them quite serious – I’m just pretty sure that the good outweighs the bad and the ugly. Normally, I’d start off with the bad and ugly, but the bad can be pretty scarey — so, I’ve decided (for the moment at least) to start off with the good.

I was born a long time ago — 6/4/42. (Well, sort of long ago.) And, what I’ve figured out should be encouraging (if I can convince you that I am — or even might be — right.) For instance, I think that 

  1. We are all immortal
  2. Life is ultimately meaningful
  3. God actually makes sense
  4. Prophecy is real, and Jesus is the prophecied Jewish Messiah…
  5. Love really Is All We Need…

I also think

  1. That there is an effective way to resolve our political polarization, and …
  2. That I know which pole is right!

Lots of people have made similar claims about these issues, but read my arguments — very likely, you’ve never read (or heard) them before. And today, I’m just getting started — I’ve still got lots of editing, adding, organizingng and thinking to do. And besides, I’m just learning how to make a website…

Have a good day.

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