1. If you believe in free will, you believe in magic — if there is such a thing as free will, you are responsible for your own traits and values…
  2. We all accept that our traits and values determine our behavior, so if we didn’t select them ourselves, we are not responsible for what we do otherwise
  3. And if free will is real, you and I are simply “magical” — we are above the laws of cause and effect
  4. We are little Gods (we are parts of God?)
  5. If we have free will, that’s what we are

  6. Also, if you believe in the “constancy” of right and wrong (ethics) you believe in magic – there are no ethical constants in science
  7. Scientifically speaking, what we call “ethics” is simply the result of natural selection — our ethical standards are functional for the species

  8. And really, if you believe in consciousness, you believe in magic — consciousness is our prototype of non-physical, and science has little (to NO) explanation for anything non-physical

  9. And actually, most well-educated persons do believe in free will and ethics
  10. And all well-educated persons believe in consciousness…

  11. And also, my own consciousness is the only ‘thing’ that I know, for sure, does actually exist…
  12. I’m not sure about your consciousness — or anything else

  13. Then — the only thing that would actually make sense would be nothing!
  14. If there were nothing, now that would make all sorts of sense
  15. But, there is something!
  16. There is my SELF
  17. I can’t be sure that you really exist, but I can be sure that I do — at least in some form

  18. And, what I have is a logical conundrum
  19. Either there has always been something — or, at one time there was nothing
  20. The latter would be magical…
  21. Maybe the former makes a little sense, but not much
  22. Or maybe, “always” isn’t what we think it is…

  23. Then, Stephen Hawking says that before time and the Big Bang there was a “singularity” of infinite mass, zero volume and no cause and effect
  24. Yeah … right

  25. But
  26. God?
  27. (Not according to Hawking — or Einstein — but they’re just physicists, and I’ll deal with them later)

  28. Then there’s The Anthropic Principle (which requires either magic, or multiple universes) and Quantum Entanglement (which Einstein called “spooky”…)

  29. Anyway, we should suspect that Reality is not the deterministic machine that ‘mainstream’ science would have us believe…
  30. There is probably a bit of “MAGIC” in reality — especially, in us conscious beings

  31. And then — to what extent does modern science really understand reality?
  32. Currently, we humans tend to think that we almost know it all — but then, we probably thought that way ever since we began thinking…

  33. And then, we humans apparently have two different ways of thinking – analytic (rational) and holistic (intuitive)
  34. Scientists tend to be very analytic
  35. Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein didn’t believe in magic or God
  36. Maybe, magic and religion are recognized by holistic thinkers
  37. These two different ways of thinking seem to be “supervised” (sort of) by two different parts of the brain — for most of us, the left cerebral hemisphere “supervises” analytic thinking, while the right does it for holistic thinking
  38. Apparently, the right supervises, or even includes one’s SELF
  39. I’ll try to explain the “supervision” angle later

  40. Religious thought seems to be a product of holistic thinking
  41. But western education focuses on analytic thinking
  42. The more education we westerners receive, the more analytic we become
  43. And the less religious…

  44. Maybe analytic thinking sees the trees, while holistic thinking sees (feels?) the forest
  45. Maybe like reading the notes, versus hearing the music
  46. And people who are “really” religious seem to be feeling something that can barely — if at all —be reasoned to… (what they call “FAITH“)
  47. And given the suggested hemispheric separation, either the holistic side is ‘hallucinating’, or the analytic side is ‘color’-blind…
  48. And again, logical thought is surprised that anything exists — yet, even if it’s only my own consciousness, something does exist!
  49. And, what I know exist is non-physical
  50. Sounds like magic

  51. Anyway, I tried to take a test to see which kind of thinking I tended towards, and ended up thinking that the questions were stupid…
  52. Awhile back, I had a short debate with a religious friend about the source of a belief — he thought it was the heart, but i convinced him that it was the brain
  53. But recently I discovered that the heart has it’s own nervous system composed of about 40,000 neurons like those in the brain — and reconsidered my friends opinion
  54. My religious beliefs come from my head and evidence, but my beliefs are weak and only probabilistic
  55. When I listen to the right music, they become much stronger

  56. So, what really makes me believe in magic, is my own SELF
  57. (YOUR SELF | What it’s all about (
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