You have a potential VERBAL militia out here anxious to take up your fight — we just need to be properly armed

  1. Perhaps, the basic problem in trying to clean up the 2020 election, and Covid, is that liberals simply are not ‘hearing’ the conservative side of these stories – they are not reading, or listening to, the compelling evidence presented by the REAL conservative media
  2. Nor will liberals listen to their conservative friends or family members
  3. They are not listening to you — or their conservative associates — because all of us humans suffer from something called “confirmation bias” — once emotionally committed to one side of the story, WE SIMPLY DON’T WANT TO HEAR the other side
  4. We conservatives, however, are FORCED to hear much of the liberal side because the media is largely controlled by liberals (and profit) …
  5. But then, most of our liberal friends and family probably WOULD listen to us if we could just present our cases effectively
  6. And if we could, they would probably start listening to you
  7. It’s just that currently, again, WE ARE NOT PROPERLY ARMED – and either do not engage, or engage very poorly
  8. But you could help
  9. You could provide us with the effective cases — IN WRITING
  10. And, you could provide each case a little at a time
  11. For instance re Covid, you could start with case statistics for ages 5 to 12 — and go from there with the various categories of childhood details
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