1. My name is Rich Savage. You can reach me at
  2. I was born on June 4th, 1942 in LeCompte, LA.
  3. I now live with my wife, Lauren, in upstate NY. (Go figure.)
  4. Lauren and I met at a summer camp owned by her parents — where I taught horseback riding.
  5.  We were married on 6/5/66 at 666 6th Ave in NYC. I didn’t know about the alleged implications of those numbers at the time, but I now thank God for the “5.”
  6. (As you can see, I like numbers.  Sometimes, I wonder that I might have a bit of autism in me.)
  7. Together, Lauren and I raised two great kids.
  8. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and all the course work for a Phd.

  9. I’ve been retired since January of 2003.
  10.  For the previous 30 years (approx), I worked for NY State as a “Psychometrician” (someone who uses statistics to develop and evaluate psychological measurement).
  11.  I am also an ex Army Captain, Vietnam veteran and helicopter pilot.
  12. I am also certifiably creative — I have numerous inventions and one patent. The patent number is 4,175,516. Just enter that # into Google.

  13. I’m not Jewish, but when I proposed to my beautiful Jewish girlfriend (Lauren), I promised her that we could raise our kids Jewish. And we did.
  14. Lauren and I are still members of a reform congregation, and I attend church most Sundays.
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