1. I KNOW very little: Something exists. Consciousness exists. I (my personal consciousness) exist(s). Ideas exist (in my consciousness at least)

  2. I’m PRETTY SURE that: The above is ALL that I actually KNOW. There is a dimension of reality that current science simply does not recognize (“magic”). Consciousness is not physical. Consciousness CARES. You exist. I’m immortal. You’re immortal. There is such a thing as free will. There is an ethical dimension to reality (good/bad). Life is ultimately meaningful

  3. I think that: There is a universal consciousness (God/The Force/an “Over-Soul”). We conscious beings are simply part of the universal consciousness. We do have meaning — and ultimate goals. There is such a thing as prophesy. And, Jesus was the prophesied Jewish Messiah.

  4. I wonder: Was there a beginning? Will there be an end? Etc.

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