1. I was raised as a Christian but began having doubts shortly after I learned about Santa Clause
  2. God — let alone Jesus — just didn’t make sense

  3. But when I was 14, I had an “epiphany” (though I had no name for it at the time) — I realized that my own existence didn’t make any sense either
  4. Even though, I was the only thing that I knew for sure actually did exist
  5. I tried to explain this back in the chapters regarding “SELF”
  6. Think about it — we all take our own existences for granted…
  7. Consequently, I also began to doubt the status of modern human wisdom — modern science seemed to be missing something important — critical even!
  8. I still wanted to believe in God and Jesus — and my epiphany re-opened that door for me…
  9. So, I kept wondering and searching

  10. 20 years later, a new job had me making scores of new friends — many of whom were “Born Again Christians”
  11. While they didn’t convince me that Jesus was who he said he was, they did convince me that being “born again” was a real — and life changing — event
  12. They also convinced me that all I had to do to have that life-changing experience was to believe that Jesus was who he said he was and then “surrender” to him
  13. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to do either
  14. Mostly, I became convinced that their epiphany brought on an underlying, but overwhelming, sense of well-being — that all was right with the world (and God)!
  15. That nothing else really mattered
  16. I became essentially convinced that whether they were right or not about Jesus, their beliefs made life much better

  17. Their dividends reminded me of some experiences that I had as a kid — and later on with my wife
  18. When I was 10, I broke a window and my Mom urged me to not tell Dad when he got home — Dad had developed a drinking problem
  19. But Dad was a stickler for honesty — so when he got home. I told him anyway
  20. He thanked me for telling him — and, all was right with the world!

  21. Today, I can do something similar with my wife
  22. It seems like I always have things to worry about, or that I just feel uncomfortable with, that I’m subconsciously reluctant to tell Lauren about
  23. But once I recognize that reluctance and tell her about it, all is right with the world!
  24. I assume that’s the basic idea with Catholic confession

  25. Somewhere in there, I began reading the Bible
  26. I read a lot of the Old Testament, and eventually all of the New
  27. I also began reading a lot about the so-called prophecies of the Old Testament
  28. I was already biased in favor of the different forms of extra sensory perception and would have majored in parapsychology had my college allowed for it — in other words, I can’t claim to be very objective about this stuff…

  29. So, I slowly began to think that the Jewish people were on to something important, but that the Sanhedrin was basically political, and led the Jewish people astray…
  30. But then, I do suspect that
    • the Christian Bible is largely accurate
    • There is such a thing as prophecy (“precognition”)
    • Jesus really was the prophesied Jewish Messiah.
    • Through approximately Genesis, Chapter 4, someone (more than one probably) is just trying to make sense of the different stories — it wasn’t easy (my best guess)
    • After that, I think that our Bible becomes more of an attempted history book
    • Even stories like Noah’s Arc represent actual events
    • And again, I do believe in “Magic” — somehow, cause and effect is not absolute…
    • And, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts

  31. I’ve been amazed at the Bible’s apparent agreement with scientific discoveries — especially, where the stars were in 2BC…
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