1. Moving right along…
  2. Our next problem is God
  3. It’s difficult enough to believe in “magic” in general, but to believe in something like an original being who is responsible for everything else is almost impossible…

  4. By the second grade, I was already worried that God was just another Santa Clause…
  5. From a well-educated-western point of view, it is quite difficult to believe in “God…”
  6. But then, I suspect that most of us well-educated westerners aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are
  7. In trying to fully understand REALITY, we’re probably like third graders trying to understand Calculus (or maybe, like preschoolers or even chickens)
  8. Maybe Hawking and Einstein are like 4th graders?
  9. From a non-magic perspective, nothing seems to make sense — but here I (something) am (is)

  10. Whatever, public school — in the U.S. at least — basically discounts the existence of a God
  11. As do our elite universities
  12. Apparently, it’s even worse in Europe
  13. And, we should expect our kids to find it more and more difficult to believe in God — which would be a shame
  14. Hopefully, this website can help parents to help their kids…
  15. For those who believe, God is perceived as our ultimate father — our source of ultimate meaning — which, if nothing else, allows us to be seriously happy from time to time, and sub-consciously happy in general
  16. Ultimate Meaning is what Religion is all about

  17. Anyway, in a sense, believing in a God might be the most difficult part of being religious — but as far as I can tell, every religion does believe in some sort of God…
  18. Perhaps, the biggest problem to believing in God is our subconscious image, formed in childhood, of God being an old man with a long white beard
  19. So perhaps, our first step in helping our kids to believe is to point out that if there is a God, “It” must be more like “The Force“ than an old man

  20. And, as our kids mature, we should begin pointing out the apparent magic just discussed above
  21. For instance: since logically speaking, nothing seems to make sense — that God doesn’t seem to make sense, isn’t such a big deal
  22. Remember, we’re probably not as smart as we think we are — and could be that we’re not nearly as smart as we think we are
  23. And, once you perceive yourself as a miracle — as the improbability of your current existence implies — something like The Force seems likely indeed

  24. And then, there’s Jesus
  25. While evidence for Jesus is only indirect evidence for God, and mostly rather weak evidence for the deity of Jesus, there is actually some very serious evidence for Jesus’ deity
  26. You are likely aware of the following claims, but not of their seriousness
    1. The Shroud of Turin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAbuG-oVq1Q, and
    2. The Star of Bethlehem by Frederick Larson (hour long DVD for about $6 [ about 6 years ago] )
    3. While the 2018 study of the Shroud concluded that it was created in the middle ages, doubts still remained, no one has been able to replicate the Shroud (even with modern technology ), and the latest study has revised the 2018 results
    4. Combining the stars of 2 BC with Matthew 2 almost proves that the Magi delivered their gifts to the baby Jesus on December 25 of 2 BC
  27. I’ll get to those under Christianity

  28. Otherwise.
  29. If there is a God, consciousness must be “His/Its” essence –and remember, consciousness is the only thing that we KNOW does actually exist…
  30. And then, consciousness must inherently FEEL and CARE — which is essential for what we call “God”
  31. LOVE being “His” ultimate goal
  32. In addition, Relativity and Quantum Mechanics may be connecting some of the dots and correcting some of our misplaced assumptions — we’ll see
  33. Quantum Mechanics, for instance, even suggests the existence of a universal consciousness (like “The Force,” or God?)

  34. Someday, it should be easy to suspect that every conscious being is an example of something basic — a universal consciousness…
  35. Hopefully, I’ll eventually be able to express that more effectively — and you’ll be able to experience the miracle that I think we are
  36. The best I can do right now is to assume that we are not nearly as smart as we think we are and we are missing something crucial…

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