The Problems with Liberalism

= the average education and IQ of liberals is significantly higher than the average education and IQ of conservatives.

That’s the first problem.

But then, while Liberals in general tend to have more education and higher IQs than do conservatives, conservative leadership probably has just as much education and IQ as does liberal leadership (maybe more).

And, it’s leadership that determines group solutions/direction…

Then, despite the conflicts between the two philosophies, the two favor the same basic value – i.e. altruism, unselfishness

.And also, the leaders of both philosophies clearly depend upon careful reasoning.

But conservative leadership is more appreciative of human nature.

Conservative leadership is thereby more cognitive of human nature and its many conflicts with “simple” altruism…

This places liberal solutions at a disadvantage in regard to the facts reasoned about.

Liberals tend to be overly concerned with direct/immediate (simple) altruism and end up promoting political correctness

But, human nature was determined deep in our past and often violently conflicts with modern values.

By ignoring these conflicts, liberals focus too much on altruism, causing their solutions to be simplistic.

And then, the presumed superior intelligence underlying liberal solutions causes

Liberals to be overconfident regarding their own solutions,

“Independents” to grant liberal solutions more substance than they deserve.  (re sex roles, gun control, parenting, etc.), and

Conservatives to begrudgingly, but usually subconsciously, do the same.

In regard to political correctness — maybe, we need to take our time in facing some of the uncomfortable truths – some of them will be tricky (e.g. gender and racial differences).

But ultimately, we probably do need to face them…

So, liberal leadership depends too much on human reasoning and not enough on the facts that need to be reasoned about.

Whereas, Conservative leadership involves just as much reasoning — but by elevating the place of religion, tradition and experience in their formulas, include more of the relevant facts (especially, those regarding human nature).

The human condition is much too complicated — and animalistic — to adequately navigate when ignoring our nature.

In my opinion,

This all starts in the West because our public schools idolize modern science and reasoning – except as these relate to human nature.

By so doing, they dismiss religion, tradition and even experience.

And consequently, ignore human nature.

When human nature is quite animalistic, and needs to be carefully accounted for when trying to advance civilization.

And, they ignore our nature because of our nature.

It turns out that we humans are not very objective, and very often we ignore information that we don’t like — that we don’t want to include in our reasoning.

We humans tend to be quite biased.

It would appear that well educated liberals have simply fallen into this trap more often than have well educated conservatives…

And, by ignoring this important piece of evidence, they come to problematic solutions

And, it’s human nature that gets us in trouble  (and our public schools) would have us believe.

Modern science is materialistically biased.

And consequently, slights the importance of religion.

And simply doesn’t deal with the “spooky” nature of consciousness.


can it account for “free will,” or

begin to explain the hypothetical one life of the “self” (personal consciousness).  (This requires a separate treatise…)

Reality is at least somewhat “magical.”  (Another treatise.), and

“Nothing” would make complete sense.  (Rupert Sheldrake)

Somehow, the universe is fine-tuned to allow for — and produce – life (the Anthropic Principle).

  • By so doing, they downplay relevant facts.
  • By downplaying relevant facts, public school focuses too much on simple altruism, and thereby promotes liberalism.
  • The public school focus is naturally forwarded to our universities, which naturally brings the focus back to our public schools, etc…
  • This goes round and round.
  • And, while some of us resist the tilt, the more education we humans receive, the more likely we are to reflect the tilt.
  • And consequently, the well-educated tend to be liberal – and, misled.
  • We need to recognize and expose this tendency.

  • In summary:
    • By its weakness re human nature, Liberalism tends to ignore uncomfortable, but relevant, facts and reach wrong conclusions.
    • By failing to take human nature sufficiently into account, their well-educated solutions tend to be – of all things – simplistic.
    • And then, because it is weighted too much on altruism, it promotes political correctness – which simply ignores many of the many conflicts we have between our nature and simple altruism.
    • It may be useful to take our time in addressing some of these conflicts – they’re going to be tricky.
    • But, all of them must need ultimate attention.
    • And many need immediate attention.


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