Feb 24, 2022

  1. This is a living book — you can watch as it’s being written (and re-written)
  2. I’m an old man – and, like a lot of old men, I think I‘ve got a lot of important conclusions to share…
  3. And, these days, theoretically, I can share them with the world…
  4. But then — if you’re reading this and are not a friend or family member, Halleluiah!!
  5. Mostly. I’m hoping that a website can help me to express and organize these important conclusions — for now, sharing them is only a dream
  6. Also, as I write my book, my conclusions evolve and “reproduce”…
  7. And require further revision
  8. No telling how many times I’ve already revised this introduction
  9. (Should anyone be listening, help will not be turned down…)
  10. Again, this website is a book in progress
  11. I’m not trying to sell anything (but ideas), so trying to read (and understand) my book will cost nothing but time
  12. Unfortunately, I know very little about building, or managing, a website…
  13. RELIGION | What it’s all about (
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