1. This is a living book
  2. It is currently being written — and re-written
  3. (No telling how often I’ve revised this introduction)

  4. The purpose of this book is to argue for the validity of Religion
  5. Judaism and Christianity have been loosing followers
  6. But that probably can — and should — be corrected…

  7. The problem with religion in general is that in order to believe in a religion, we need to believe in “magic”
  8. And most of us well-educated Westerners do not believe in magic
  9. Or at least, most of us well-educated Westerners do not think that we believe in magic
  10. But then, most of us really do — we just haven’t made the necessary connections
  11. And, while there are obvious reasons to not believe in magic — there are some not so obvious reasons to believe in it…

  12. So, the objective of this ‘book’ is to show why we actually do — and probably should — believe in “magic” — and religion
  13. No kidding

  14. Modern science seems to be missing the Implications of free will, ethics and personal consciousness — at least
  15. Reality is either a deterministic machine, or it’s “magical”
  16. So far, I think it’s the latter
  17. And this is where we find religion…


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